Indicating Light Panel NSN:6210-01-485-7584 P/N:14-00143-002

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Indicating Light Panel- An item composed of a coated transparent or partly transparent/partly opaque materiels, engraved with letters, words and/or symbols, designed to allow light to be transmitted through the engraving(s) for indicating purposes. it may have an electrical lighting circuit either on a removable printed circuit board or embedded within the panel. the circuit may have removable or nonremovable electroluminescent and/or incandescent lamps for lighting. dials and/or switches may be included. excludes display, optelectronic. see also indicator (as modified), and light (1), indicator

For Use With/On:

Ts-4490/usg-2, test maintenance console; ts-4490/usg-2 ec-14


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