New! Trailer Bolster Identification Plate, NSN 9905-00-798-1208 Model:11636534

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Identification Plate

NSN: 9905-00-798-1208 | Model: 11636534
ITAR Registered seal

An item which is rigid or semirigid, generally flat and smooth. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width or diameter. It is designed to be attached to an item and indicates name and/or nomenclature of the item. See also marker, identification; plate, designation; plate, instruction; plate set, identification; and tag, marker. Excludes label.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
12.000 inches
0.020 inches
4.250 inches
Attachment Method
Environmental Protection
Corrosion resistant and nonphenolic grease solvent and thermal shock resistant and weather resistant
Basic Shape Style
Marking Designation
Legend 1ST side
1ST inscription: partial legend, trailer bolster general purpose, 4 ton, 4 wheel, M796 federal stock no' 2330-089-3866, manufactured by '---, city ---, state, -; 2ND inscription: publications, technical manual pomm 9-2330-287-14, lubrication order; 3RD inscription: delivery data ---, inspected by ---, ; 4TH inscription: weights and dimension data ---, ; 5TH inscription: partial legend, weights empty crosscountry highway, payload 8000 8000, on wheels 4140 /ret/ 12, 070 12, 070, on Lynette 680 /ret/ 750 750, total 1ST side
White inscription
Aluminum alloy
Material Specification
QQ-A-250/1, alloy 1100, H12 federal specification single material response
Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment Specification
MIL-A-8625, type 2, class 2 military specification single treatment response

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