HydraForce 6355024 Grooved Clamp Coupling NSN:5342-01-362-3524

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Grooved Clamp Coupling

NSN:5342-01-362-3524      P/N:6355024      Model:14J02-12C
ITAR Registered seal

A metal loop having either a v or u cross section or channelled segmen (s). It may be attached to a flat band. It is designed to create a fluid tight joint and/or connect pipe, tubing, tank cover(s), duct(s) and the like, by mating with flanged or beaded ferrule(s), flared, or beaded ends. It may or may not have a sealing inner liner. A latch or latches of the quick coupling type, nut or bolt type, or threaded trunnion type is (are) used to lock and adjust the band. Excludes coupling, clamp, pipe and ring, locking, metal drum cover.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Inside Diameter
0.750 inches
Tempurature Rating
-65.0 degrees fahrenheit and 450.0 degrees fahrenheit
Maximum Load Rating
Not rated
Segment Quantity
Sealing Inner Liner
Not included
Material And Location
Steel, astm a582, type 303 band err-100 err-100 or steel, ams 5640 band err-100 err-100 steel, astm a582, type 303 band err-100 err-100 or steel, astm a582, type 302/304, sleeve err-100 err-100
Surface Treatment And Location
Passivated, qq-p-35 band

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