Howell Wire Wound Fixed Resistor NSN:5905-01-031-0432 Model:H3674

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Noninductive Wire Wound Fixed Resistor

NSN: 5905-01-031-0432 | Model: H3674
ITAR Registered seal

Inc 37404 reinstated on 010303~A resistor whose oh mic value cannot be adjusted or varied. The resistance element consists of high resistance wire (or ribbon) either wound on an insulated form or constructed so as to be self-supporting. The items must have inherent characteristics of inducing little or no self-inductance. Opposition to current flow is an inherent property of the resistance wire and is manifested by the heat dissipation in the resistor. Excludes suppressor, ignition interference. See also resistor (1), fixed, wire wound, inductive.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Tempurature Coefficient Of Resistance In Ppm Per Deg Celsius
Electrical Resistance
86.750 kilohms
Resistance Tolerance In Percent
Ambient Tempurature In Deg Celsius At Full Rated Power
Ambient Tempurature In Deg Celsius At Zero Percent Rated Power
Tempurature Range Of Tempurature Coefficient In Deg Celsius
Inclosure Method
Terminal Type
Wire lead
Reliability Indicator
Not established
Terminal Length
1.000 inches
Body Diameter
0.125 inches
Body Length
0.250 inches
Power Dissipation Rating In Watts
0.050 free air
Style Designator
Axial terminal each end

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