Hose Clamp NSN: 4730-00-908-0176 P/N: MBC60898C519SH

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Hose Clamp- A clamp in which the body (band or wire) completely encircles an item and distributes a relatively even amount of pressure throughout the entire 360 degrees (6.282 radians) of the periphery of the item to be compressed. its compression quality is dependent upon an integral screw mechanism, (screw, bolt spring compression and the like mechanical fasteners), or it may be applied by a device not integral with the clamp itself. it is specifically designed to prevent leakage between a hose and its attaching connection(s) when the body of the clamp is round or circular. for square, rectangular, or irregularly shaped items, see clamp, hose, special-shaped. excludes clamp, electrical; clamp, loop; clamp, fire hose, shutoff; ferrule (as modified); and hand screw.

Fastening Device Type: Self-locking hexagon nut
Material: Aluminum alloy 6061 band
Material: Steel nut
Inside Diameter: 5.190 inches nominal
Overall Width: 0.625 inches nominal
Style Designator: Band
Temp Rating: 550.0 deg fahrenheit

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