NOS Aeroquip Hydraulic Nonmetallic Hose Assembly NSN:4720-01-122-4278 P/N:MS52103A040240R

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Nonmetallic Hose Assembly

NSN: 4720-01-122-4278 | Model: MS52103Z040240
ITAR Registered seal

A length of nonmetallic hose with fittings on one or both ends. For items without fittings, see hose, nonmetallic. Excludes hose assembly, air duct; and hose assembly, air duct, air breathing.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Cross Sectional Shape
Thread Class
3B 1ST end
Thread Direction
Right-hand 1ST end
Inside Diameter
0.188 inches
Tempurature Rating
-55.0 degrees Fahrenheit and 300.0 degrees Fahrenheit single response
Outside Diameter
0.484 inches
Minimum Inside Bending Radius
2.000 inches
Exterior Color
Connection Style
Swivel nut flare 1ST end
End Connection Design
Straight 1ST end
Connection Type
Threaded internal tube 1ST end
Features Provided
Reusable end fittings
Burst Test Pressure
6000.0 pounds per square inch
Layer Composition And Location
1ST layer braided textile yarn and 2ND layer braided wire and outer layer rubber impregnated braided fabric
Maximum Operating Pressure
1500.0 pounds per square inch
Thread Size
0.438 inches 1ST end
Seat Angle
37.0 degrees 1ST end
Hydrostatic Test Pressure
3000.0 pounds per square inch
Outer Covering Environmental Protection
Fuel resistant and oil resistant and ozone resistant and mildew resistant and vibration resistant
Vacuum In Torr
Inside Surface Condition
Measuring Method And Length
24.000 inches working
Media For Which Designed
Fuel/oil, hydrocarbon single response
Thread Series Designator
Unjf 1ST end
Specification Data
96906-MS52103 government specification

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