Gage Rod NSN:6680-01-287-2153 P/N:42124

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Gage Rod- A thin metal strip, of various cross-sectional shapes, having graduations on one end and a breather on the opposite end. it is designed to be inserted into an engine, pump, or compressor crankcase, transmission, gearcase, or the like, to determine the level of the liquid. for items with a cap, see gage rod-cap, liquid level and items without a cap or breather, see gage rod, liquid level. for items designed to measure the liquid level of bulk petroleum tanks, see gage stick, petroleum.

Distance From Rod End To Scale Graduation: 4.520 inches nominal
Breather Filter Material: Not provided
Breather Locking Type: Any acceptable
Breather Mounting Type: Unthreaded
Mounting Outside Diameter: 0.970 inches nominal
Material: Metal
Rod Length From End To Breather: 17.000 inches
Rod Measuring Portion Thickness: 0.030 inches nominal
Rod Measuring Portion Width: 0.250 inches nominal
Scale Inscription: Add and full
Overall Length: 18.060 inches nominal

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