Flashtube Lamp NSN:6240-01-239-4218 P/N:4001

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Flashtube Lamp- A lamp that produces repeated light flashes of exceedingly high intensity for short durations. may include incandescent lamp within itself.

Emitted Light Characteristic: Blue-white
Base Style: Octal five pin
Bulb Light Transmission Characteristic: Transparent
For Use With/On: Used on flashing strolee ligh t model 800-24 aboard 110 ft class coast guard vessels
Filling Gas Type: Argon
Flashtube Overall Length: 2.500 inches nominal
Flashtube Style: Vertical helix
Maximum Flashing Rate Per Second: 2
Input Rating In Watt-seconds: 20.0
Special Features: Used in model 800-24 double flash strobe light
Voltage Rating: 225.000 volts minimum and 600.000 volts maximum
Terminal Type And Quantity: 8 pin

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