Fixed Capacitor NSN: 5910-00-012-1490 P/N: P323ZN512A

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Fixed Capacitor- A capacitor whose capacitance value cannot be adjusted or varied having paper, plastic, or any combination of paper and plastic as the dielectric material with a metallic film deposited thereon. it may be a single unit or consist of two or more units which cannot be separated.

Body Diameter: 0.448 inches maximum
Body Length: 0.906 inches maximum
Body Style: W/o mtg facilities, axial terminals
Capacitance Value Per Section: 0.220 microfarads single section
Case Insulation Material: Plastic
Case Material: Metal
Nonderated Operating Temp: -55.0 deg celsius minimum and 125.0 deg celsius maximum
Nonderated Continuous Voltage Rating And Type Per Section: 200.0 dc single section
Insulation Resistance At Reference Temp: 2000.0 megohm-microfarads
Reliability Indicator: Not established
Schematic Diagram Designator: No common or grounded electrode(s)
Terminal Diameter: 0.032 inches nominal
Terminal Length: 1.500 inches nominal
Terminal Type And Quantity: 2 uninsulated wire lead
Terminal Surface Treatment: Solder
Tolerance Range Per Section: -20.00/+20.00 percent single section

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