Elevation Control NSN: 1240-00-116-0613 P/N: 10516367

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Elevation Control-  a fastening device consisting of only a mechanism in which a bolt(s) enters an adjoining cavity and is secured by spring action, turn knob action or key action or any combination of the aforementioned operations. in order to release the bolt, the use of a key, turn knob, or a predetermined setting on a dial for combination locks, is necessary. 2. a device having a locking arrangement designed for insertion in specific locations on aircraft, guided missile, rockets, bomb and mine dispensers, armament pods tanks, tractors, trucks, and the like to prevent inadvertent operation. it may have a streamer, warning attached to indicate removal before operation. excludes lock set, aircraft ground safety; brace, aircraft ground servicing; pin, ground safety; and pin set, ground safety

For Use With/On: Periscope
General Characteristics Item Description: Housing 1; bolt 1; adapter 1; pins 3; clutch 1; scale 1; knob 1; spring 2; screw 4; packing o ring 1

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