(5) Texas Instruments Closed IC Socket 24 Pin Socket NSN: 5935-00-372-1678 P/N: C932402

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Plug-in Electronic Components Socket

NSN: 5935-00-372-1678  P/N:C932402  Model: 31410762-1024
ITAR Registered seal

An item designed to electrically connect and mechanically position the base of an item having plug-in-type contacts, and to facilitate replacement of the item accommodated. It includes sockets which accommodate the contacts of capacitors, coils, crystals, electron tubes, relays, semiconductor devices and vibrators. Excludes sockets or receptacles designed to accommodate plug-in component circuit boards (printed circuit boards) and electronic modules or sub-assemblies. Also excludes heat-dissipating (not heat-sinks) sockets for mounting power transistors".

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Body Material
Polyamide nylon
Body Style
Pcb, standoff terminals
Overall Length
Between 1.190 inches and 1.210 inches
Terminal Length
Between 0.125 inches and 0.145 inches
Overall Height
0.495 inches
Overall Width
0.700 inches
Contact Material
Nickel alloy and copper
Contact Surface Treatment
Accommodated Contact Quantity
Mounting Method
Mounting Type For Which Designed
Printed circuit
Contact Position Arrangement Style
Dual in-line
Precious Material And Location
Contact surfaces gold
Precious Material And Weight
0.024 gold grains, troy
Precious Material
Terminal Type And Quantity
24 printed circuit

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