Electromagnetic Relay NSN: 5945-01-276-0611 P/N: PD-109-21

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Electromagnetic Relay- A relay which is actuated by the effect of a magnetic field developed by the current in its energizing coil(s). includes solenoid and armature types. excludes contactor, magnetic; relay, meter movement; relay, motor driven; relay, reed; relay, resonant reed; relay, rotary; and switch, stepping.

Duty Type: Continuous
Arc Quenching Method: Air
Case Material: Plastic
Coil Quantity: 1
Contact Material: Silver
Contact Surface Treatment: Gold flash
Environmental Protection: Dustproof
Fragility Factor: Moderately rugged
Cubic Measure: 4.595 cubic inches
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity: 1 plug-in terminal single mounting facility
Nonpile-up Main Contact Arrangement: 3 pole, double throw, one position momentary
Operating Voltage Rating And Type At Specified Temp: 24.0 volts ac 25 deg celsius single winding
Overall Height: 2.188 inches maximum
Overall Length: 1.500 inches maximum
Main Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage: 10.0 amperes ac resistive load
Main Contact Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts: 120.0 ac
Purpose For Which Designed: General
Overall Width: 1.400 inches maximum
Precious Material And Location: Contacts silver and contact surfaces gold
Precious Material: Gold and silver
Winding Dc Resistance Rating: 74.0 ohms nominal single winding
Winding Quantity: 1
Storage Type: General purpose warehouse
Terminal Type And Quantity: 11 tab, solder lug all functions

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