AMF Potter & Brumfield KAP14AY Electromagnetic Relay 3PDT 120VAC 50/60Hz Coil NSN:4130-00-431-3744

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Electromagnetic Relay

NSN: 5945-00-431-3744 | Model: KAP14AY
ITAR Registered seal

A relay which is actuated by the effect of a magnetic field developed by the current in its energizing coi (s) . Includes solenoid and armature types. Excludes contactor, magnetic; relay, meter movement; relay, motor driven; relay, reed; relay, resonant reed; relay, rotary; and switch, stepping.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Contact Material
Winding Quantity
Purpose For Which Designed
Coil Quantity
Duty Type
Nonpile-up Main Contact Arrangement
2 pole, double throw, one position momentary
Main Contact Load Current Rating At Maximum Rated Voltage
5.0 amperes ac resistive load
Main Contact Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts
120.0 ac
Precious Material And Location
Contacts silver
Precious Material

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