Electrical Plug in unit NSN:6625-00-217-0418 P/N:7A16A

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Electrical Plug in unit- An electronic subassembly designed to be plugged into one or more basic pieces of test equipment to extend the capabilities of the basic instrument. the basic instrument cannot function without one or more plug-in units (as required) in position.

Entry Date: 80-09-01
Functional Classification: Aa-11.5
Functional Description: 225 mhz amp; constant bandwidth over deflection factor range of 5 millivolts/div to 5 volts/div; polarity of display selectable; bandwidth selectable to full or limited to 20 mhz for low freq applications; compatible w/ 7000 series mainframes of tektronix inc
Overall Height: 5.000 inches nominal
Unit Type: Wide-band amplifier
Reference Data And Literature: Af t.o. 33a1-2-183-11; tektronix inc. r/n 070-1378-00
Relationship To Similar Equipment: Nsn 6625004780598
Overall Length: 13.700 inches nominal
Overall Width: 2.625 inches nominal

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