Electrical Insulation Tape NSN 5970-01-012-3314 P/N: 900-2IN BLK

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A narrow strip of woven or processed material less than twelve inches (304.8 mm) in width. it is specifically designed to prevent any undesirable flow of current between conductors and other objects. the item tends to resist any physical change, in contrast to an insulating compound in tape form which will fuse under a specified heat or pressure. it may or may not have adhesive backing. excludes items not having definite rated electrical characteristics, such as tape, adhesive, rubber; tape, pressure sensitive adhesive; tape, semi-conducting, electrical; and tape, shielding, electrical. see also insulation cloth, electrical and insulating compound, electrical.


Adhesive Location: One side
Adhesive Type: Pressure sensitive
Color: Black overall
Cut Type And Quantity: 1 single
Dielectric Material Voltage Rating Per Mil Thickness In Volts: 1100.0
Material: Plastic polyethylene overall
Nominal Length: 1200.0 inches
Nominal Overall Thickness: 0.0120 inches
Nominal Width: 2.000 inches

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