Electrical Insulation Sleeving NSN: 5970-01-538-2755

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A rigid or flexible tubing having uniform inside and outside diameters in the overall length. it is specifically designed to prevent any undesirable flow of current between conductors and other objects. includes shrinkable type tubing, items in bulk and in specific fabricated lengths (cut to size). excludes items not having rated electrical characteristics. also excludes bushing, sleeve; cable nipple, electrical; conduit (as modified); insulation sleeving, electrical, special purpose; insulation sleeving, thermal; sleeve, marker, cable; sleeving, textile, electrical; tubing, glass; and tubing, nonmetallic.

Technical Characteristics

Color: Natural
Expanded Inside Diameter: 0.053 inches nominal
Material: Plastic
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency: Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing
Recovered Wall Thickness: 0.012 inches minimum
Reliability Indicator: Not established
Special Features: Material is polytetrafluoroethylene
Style Designator: Shrinkable

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