Tyco Electronics Corp Electrical Contact NSN: 5999-01-193-6641 P/N:MIS-20067/7-001

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Electrical Contact

NSN: 5999-01-193-6641 | Model: MIS-20067/7-001
ITAR Registered seal

An item consisting of an electrically conductive material designed to furnish a surface which will physically and electrically meet another conducting surface for the purpose of transferring electrical energy and/or opening and closing circuits. Includes moving contacts which make and/or slide over stationary contacts or other stationary conductive material to a resulting fixed position. Excludes items which are used in conjunction with continually moving surfaces or which make contact by gripping action of the contact surfaces. See also clip, electrical; clamp, electrical; brush, electrical contact; plug, tip; and jack, tip.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Length
1.065 inches
Overall Diameter
Between 0.099 inches and 0.101 inches
Mounting Method
Copper alloy body
Material Specification
MIL-C-14550 military specification single material response contact
Precious Material And Location
Body and contact gold
Precious Material And Weight
0.005 gold grains, troy
Precious Material
Surface Treatment
Gold body and contact
Surface Treatment Specification
MIL-G-45204 military specification single treatment response body and contact
Style Designator
Crimp type contact
Terminal Type And Quantity
1 crimp end opposite contact

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