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Eclypse International 94055000001 Resistor Assembly for SH60B Helicopter NSN:5905-01-458-6336

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Resistor Assembly

NSN: 5905-01-458-6336 | Model: 94055000001
ITAR Registered seal

Two or more individual fixed, variable, thermal, or adjustable resistors on a common mounting or mounted on each other. The resistors must be separable and each must be capable of functioning in accordance with its applicable item name. For variable resistors mounted in tandem with a common or dual concentric shaft, see resistor, variable (as modified) and attenuator, variable. For inseparable resistors permanently cased, sealed or potted together to form a multisection unit, see resistor assortment; resistor set, matched; and items which have wire leads temporarily twisted together, or are otherwise physically attached solely for convenience in handling or shipping.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
End Application
Sh60b helicopter

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