Dynamic Microphone NSN 5965-00-636-3610 P/N: 602F

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A microphone which depends for its operation upon the generation of an electromotive force by the motion of a moving coil within a magnetic field.

Electrical Connection Type: Integral cable
Body Style: Hand held
Height: 2.000 inches nominal
Noise Canceling Feature: Not included
Output Sensitivity Rating In Decibels: -60.0
Frequency Response Range In Hertz: +100.0 to 5000.0
Impedance Rating: 50.0 ohms nominal
Impedance Selection Method: Integral switch
Length: 4.000 inches nominal
Shock Mount: Not provided
Sound Pickup Directional Type: Not rated
Polarity Connection: Not required
Width: 2.000 inches nominal
Support Stand: Not included
Switch Type: Push

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