Duct Heater NSN: 4520-00-273-1278

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Duct Heater-A heat transferring unit utilizing a separate source of steam or hot water as the heat transfer medium. it consists of finned parallel tubes joined together by a header or headers and is designed for installation in the ducts of a forced air circulating system. it may be provided with a flanged outer casing to facilitate mounting of the unit in planned or existing duct work. circulation of the heated air is achieved by use of a blower or fan not integral with the heating unit.

Duct Height: 21.250 inches
Duct Width: 56.000 inches
Depth: 7.000 inches nominal
Heat Directing Device: Radial diffuser-vertical vanes
Heat Discharge Outlet Type: Stationary
Heat Medium Type: Hot water or steam
Heat Outlet Quantity: 1
Heating Element Type: Hot water coil or steam coil
Heat Delivery Direction: Horizontal
Height: 24.250 inches nominal
Maximum Pressure Limit: 35.0 pounds per square inch gage
Mounting Type: Ventilation duct
Operating Control Type: Any acceptable
Inclosure Material: Steel
Special Features: Tube has 60 fins per ft.,conforms to mil-h-16235c
Width: 66.750 inches nominal
Surface Treatment: Zinc

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