Pulse Tech Pulse Charge Monitor Distribution System NSN:6110-01-521-4739 P/N:735X680

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Distribution Box

NSN: 6110-01-521-4739 | Model: 735X680
ITAR Registered seal

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General purpose electrical power equipment


Pulse Tech 12V & 24V Tractor Truck Battery Charge Monitor Conditioner Maintainer


This is a Brand New Pulse Tech 12V & 24V Battery Charge Monitor Distribution Truck Tractor HMMWV. Costs $874 when purchased online directly from Pulse Tech.

The Pulse Distribution Unit (PDU) is designed to allow eight 24-Volt and four 12-Volt electronic components to be connected to a vehicles battery system from outside the battery box. The PDU keeps vehicle batteries in optimal condition by applying the patented pulse wave form across the batteries all the time. The 24-Volt pulsing circuit board is encapsulated in epoxy below the fuse block of the vehicle. LEDs indicate the battery system is being pulsed.

The Pulse Distribution Unit (PDU) provides fused access to both 12-Volt and 24-Volt power in a variety of amperage configurations. You determine the amperage protection each device connected requires and then connect it to the corresponding terminal. There are four 12-Volt taps and eight 24-Volt taps available. The PDU applies high frequency pulses to the batteries 24 hours a day all seven days of the week to ensure they are maintained in peak condition.

Part # 735X650

· Connects up to eight-24-Volt and four 12-Volt electronic components to a vehicle’s battery system from outside the battery box
· 24-Volt pulsing circuit board is encapsulated in epoxy located below the fuse block
· Pulsing LED on the fuse block indicates battery system is being pulsed
· Distribution box is deep water fording capable and weatherproof
· Interchangeable manual reset circuit breakers allow custom application based on individual requirements

The Pulse Charge Monitor Distribution System (PCMDS) is a component system that provides a way to efficiently distribute optimum power for both 12- and 24-volt multiple components.

Standardized wiring harness for any add-on electrical loads
Load specific resettable circuit protection
Extends battery life
Maintains battery energy density
Insecure connections
Unexpected shorts due to wiring problems in the battery box
Premature battery failure
The PCDS includes the following components:

(A). Pulse Distribution Box
24/7 pulsing maximizes battery power potential
12- and 24-volt leads, use blade style fuse or breakers which are not included.
Protected 12- and 24-volt connection points
Direct battery connection without connecting to the batteries
Deep water fording capable
Provides instant battery state of charge reading
Simple to use

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