Dial Indicating Pressure Gage NSN: 6685-00-841-3877 P/n: 1000

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An instrument designed to measure air, gas, fluid, and vapor pressure by means of an internal pressure sensitive element (bellows, bourdon tube, transducer/transmitter and the like) which transmits energy, by direct linkage, to the indicating pointer of a scale or a digital display, calibrated in units of pressure. it may include a temperature equivalent scale. for items that do not have an internal pressure sensitive element see indicator, pressure.

Actuating Element Material: Phosphor bronze
Actuation Type: Single bourdon tube
Adjustability: Adjustable
Bezel Type: Snap-on
Case Material: Steel
Case Surface Treatment: Paint, black
Connection Location: Bottom
Connection Quantity: 1
Connection Size: 0.250 in. npt dia
Connector Type Vent: Not provided
Connection Type: External
Dial Size: 2-1/2 in. dia
FSC Application Data: Gage,pressure,dial indicating,except engine
Graduation Unit: 100.0 pounds per square inch
Material: Steel
Mounting Connection Location: Bottom
Mounting Method: Rigid stem
Overall Depth: 1.125 inches nominal
Overall Diameter: 2.719 inches nominal
Scale Accuracy: 2 percent middle half of range,3 percent remainder
Scale Inscription/background Color: Black figures on white background
Scale Name: Pressure
Scale Smallest Increment: 10.0 pounds per square inch
Scale Type: Single
Scale Range: +0.0/+1000.0 pounds pressure per square inch
Pointer Color: Black
Pointer Type: Indicating
Protective Crystal Material: Glass
Surface Treatment: Enamel

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