Deutz 24V Solenoid Valve NSN:4810-01-202-9460 Model:419-1148

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Solenoid Valve

NSN: 4810-01-202-9460 | Model: 419-1148
ITAR Registered seal

A valve having two or more ports with valve stem or pilot needle in a normally open or closed position. It is specifically designed to stop or start or change the flow of fluid by means of the magnetic action of an electric coil on a moveable core or plunger. The valve may be equipped with a manual opening or closing device. For items with three or more ports that utilize a reciprocating slide with recess areas which mate with ports in an integral or replaceable ported sleeve, see valve (1), linear, directional control. It may be inline or cartridge (manifold) design. Excludes valve (1), butterfly.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Valve Operation Method
Mounting Position
Voltage In Volts And Current Type
24.0 dc

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