Control Dial NSN: 5355-00-144-7189

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Control Dial- A dial designed to be connected to a tuning or selecting mechanism to position the mechanism to some value within its adjustable range. it is designed to be read in conjunction with a vernier indicator, pointer, or like instruments which may or may not be an integral part of the item. may include a knob. for items with one graduation, letter, or symbol, or marked to indicate the position of items such as a valve, brake, or two position switch, see knob or handwheel. see also dial, scale.
Nominal Thread Size: 0.112 inches screw hole
Scale Direction And Range: 0.5 to 2.3 clockwise single scale
Scale Division Quantity: 16 single scale
Scale Type: Linear single scale
Positioning Mechanism Type: Knob
Special Features: Insert material: aluminum alloy; knob material: plastic
Thread Quantity Per Inch: 40 screw hole
Thread Series Designator: Unc screw hole

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