Airpax 209-3-25194-3 Circuit Breaker 100A 240V NSN:5925-01-425-8689

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Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-425-8689   P/N:209-3-25194-3    Model: 13229E6309
ITAR Registered seal

A device with means other than fuses for automatically opening the circuit in which it is installed when the current varies from the predetermined value for which the device is set. May include provisions for manual operation. At least one set of contacts must be in series with the actuating elemen (s). A combination of semiconductor and passive devices may be used in lieu of contacts. For automatically operated items in which the actuating (tripping) element and contacts are not in series, see relay (as modified). For items which are operated both manually and automatically but the actuating elements and contact are not in series, see relay-switch. Excludes circuit breaker box and magneto "breaker" assemblies. See also switch (as modified) ; and controller.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Body Style
Multipole-multiple actuator type
Body Length
5.800 inches
Body Width
3.108 inches
Case Material
Distance Between Centerlines Of Mounting Facilities Parallel To Body Length
2.750 inches
Boss Height
0.220 inches
Mounting Surface To Terminal End Distance
2.610 inches
Pole Quantity
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
6 threaded hole
Maximum Continuous Load Current Rating Per Pole
100.0 amperes ac all locations
Operating Voltage Type And Rating Per Pole In Volts
240.0 ac all locations
Trip Release Method
Magnetic all locations
Reset Method
Main Contact Tripping Mechanism Type
Trip free
External Actuator Linkage Arrangement
One, two, and three linked
Internal Trip Release Configuration
Series trip all locations
Criticality Code Justification
Special Features
Weapon system essential; magnetic, unsealed, trip free, three pole, back mounted; altered item from mil-c-55629/18 circuit breaker, part number m55629/18qnqnqn; pressure solderless connector terminals which accomodate no. 14 awg through no 1 awg copper wire; calibrated for mounting in a horizontal plane with operating lever pivor up (table mount); temperature operating limits -40 degrees f to 185 degrees f; weight 2 lbs
Frequency In Hertz
50.0 all locations or 50.0 all locations
Thread Series Designator

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