Ceia GSMD-TK -115 Maintenance Tool Kit NSN:6665-15-187-8926

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Toolkit Ceia GSMD-TK -115 Maintenance Tool Kit is a complete, self-contained tool kit designed specifically for MIL-D1 Maintainers. It includes all tools required for any maintenance and repair requirements. The strong, compact, watertight case allows the use of the Kit everywhere and in all conditions, so as to keep the device in perfect operating condition

1     Soldering wire
2     Welder       available for 115 VAC or 230 VAC power supply
3     Box wrench (22 size) with handle
4     Box wrench (14 size)
5     Allen wrench (4 size)
6     Side cutter
7     Torx #10 screwdriver
8     Box wrench (7 size)
9     Box wrench (10 size)
10    Phillips + Flat screwdriver
11    Expanding forceps
12    Wire stripper
13    Electronic tester
14    Pliers
15    Medium strength thread locker
16    Soil Reference
17    Desoldering gun
18    Permanent ink pen
19    Technical Maintenance manual
20    Allen Wrench (2 size)
21    Contact Cement -Universal Adhesive
22    Compass wrench
23    Special tool for extracting/inserting the camlock pins
24    Torx n.25 screwdriver
25    Box wrench (12 size)
26    Wrench (11 size)
27    Wrench (7 size)
28    Interchangeable handle
29    Shaft for box wrench
External Dimensions: (LxWxH) 475 mm x 350 mm x 175 mm
Weight: 7 kg tools included
Composition: watertight, ultra High impact polyethylene
HD 35 kg/mq

New, Ceia, GSMD-TK-115, Ground Search Metal Detector Maintenance Tool Kit. 

This New, Ceia, GSMD-TK-115, Ground Search Metal Detector Maintenance Tool Kit is new and in the original packaging.  One box was opened for photography purposes only.  Please refer to the list below for included items.  This item comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Includes everything displayed in the photos
these are new never used 
  • weller 60 watt soldering iron 
  • knipex diagonal cutter 76-125
  • stahlwiller needle nose pliers
  • torx  drivers
  • amprobe dm78c pocket multimeter
  •  spanner wrench 
  • ses ky3 sleeve expander tool 
  • and all tools required  for maintenance of the  ceia cmd v2.00 metal detector 
  • nsn 6665-15-187-8926
  • kit has an acquisition cost of 1700.00
  •  all tools are of the highest quality  german made tools
  • aslo comes in  nice  pelican  hard case  80 dollar value alone

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