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Cef Industries 8250 Control Motor NSN:6105-01-352-7895

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Control Motor

NSN:6105-01-352-7895  Model:8250
ITAR Registered seal

A motor which is designed to be operated from two independent voltage sources, in such a way that variations in one voltage source will determine the direction and speed of the motor. In the alternating current type the voltages are usually applied to a split-phase stator, whereas in the direct current type, one voltage is applied to the stator and the other to the armature. Low inertia and rapid reversibility are inherent characteristics of this type of motor. See also servomotor, automatic pilot.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
End Application
4810-01-009-2304 regulating fluidpressure valve, aircraft model a-6d/e
Special Features
Components include bearing cover 1, bearing gasket 1, bearing 2, retainer 1, front bracket assembly 1, rotor assembly 1, stator assembly 1

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