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Caterpillar 2G-8921 Electrical Coil NSN:5950-01-094-8126

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Electrical Coil

NSN:5950-01-094-8126  P/N:2G-8921  Model:6012382
ITAR Registered seal

An item generally consisting of one or more turns of wire or similar conductive material (in special cases it may be considered as a partial turn). It is specifically designed to concentrate magnetic flux generated by the flow of an electric current, to induce in itself an electromotive force, and to add or subtract inductive reactance in a circuit. It may include tuning devices, integral resistors and capacitors; however, excludes filter (as modified). For coils wound on resistors which are designed to be inserted into the circuit of a radio frequency stage to suppress high frequency parasitic oscillations, see suppressor, parasitic..

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Overall Length
52.5 millimeters
Overall Height
65.0 millimeters
Inclosure Type
Fully enclosed
Terminal Type And Quantity
1 threaded stud

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