Cartridge Fuse NSN: 5920-00-844-5790 P/N: 70F1-4AMP

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Cartridge Fuse- A fuse in which the element is inclosed in a cylindrical body. the element may be renewable. the terminals may be of varying types. it may contain a visual indication that the fusible element is severed, and may also provide an audible alarm through auxiliary circuitry. for noncylindrical items, see fuse, inclosed link.

Body Length: 1.250 inches minimum and 1.282 inches maximum
Body Style: Plunger type
Case Material: Fiber
Circuit Over-current Interruption Delay Time In Seconds: 200.0 200 pct of current rating
Circuit Over-current Interruption Type: Time delay
Continuous Current Rating In Amps: 0.250
Features Provided: Renewable fusible element
Maximum Voltage Rating In Volts: 30.0 dc
Overall Diameter: 0.266 inches minimum and 0.276 inches maximum
Interruption Indicator Method: Opaque body
Short-circuit/interrupt Current Rating In Amps: 10000.0
Overall Length: 1.828 inches minimum and 1.844 inches maximum
Terminal Material: Brass

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