Sprague Electric 20PS-D56 Plastic Dielectric Fixed Capacitor NSN:5910-01-038-6398

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Plastic Dielectric Fixed Capacitor

NSN: 5910-01-038-6398 | Model: 20PS-D56
ITAR Registered seal

A capacitor whose capacitance value cannot be adjusted or varied, having a plastic, plastic film, plasticized (plastic impregnated) paper, or any combination of plastic and paper or plastic and paper films as the dielectric material. The plastic may be one or more types of synthetic compounds such as polyesters, polyfluorides, polycabonates, and the like. It may be a single unit, or consist of two or more fixed units which cannot be separated. For items whose electrodes consist of a metallic film deposited (metallized) on the dielectric material, see capacitor, fixed, metallized, paper-plastic dielectric.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Body Style
W/o mtg facilities, radial terminals
Reliability Indicator
Not established
Terminal Length
1.500 inches
Body Diameter
0.500 inches
Body Length
1.500 inches
Center To Center Distance Between Terminals Parallel To Length
1.000 inches
Terminal Diameter
0.025 inches
Schematic Diagram Designator
No common or grounded electrode (s)
Insulation Resistance At Maximum Operating Temp
150.0 megohm-microfarads
Capacitance Value Per Section
5600.000 picofarads single section
Nonderated Operating Temp
Between -40.0 degrees celsius and 85.0 degrees celsius
Nonderated Continuous Voltage Rating And Type Per Section
2000.0 dc single section
Tolerance Range Per Section
-10.00/+10.00 percent single section
Case Material
Insulation Resistance At Reference Temp
5000.0 megohm-microfarads
Terminal Surface Treatment
Terminal Type And Quantity
2 uninsulated wire lead
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