U.S Army Tank Automotive Command 12322247 Butt Hinge Leaf NSN:5340-01-196-7735

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Butt Hinge Leaf

NSN: 5340-01-196-7735 | Model: 12322247
ITAR Registered seal

An item consisting of one leaf only of a hinge, butt, with or without a hinge pin.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Performance Type
Heavy duty
Reversible Feature
Not included
Hinge Pin
Not included
Knuckle Quantity
Knuckle Type
Material And Location
Steel, mil-s-6758, sae 4130 or steel, astm a322 or steel, ams 6370 or astm a829 or steel, ams 6350
Special Features
Extreme taper in width from tunnel end to other end. Large end width 1.122 in. Small end width 0.440 in. length 3.310 in. Height 1.500 in. Chamfer 0.250 in by 45 degrees by 1.750 inlg top and bottom of inside face far end from pin tunnel. Pin tunnel is 0.505 in min diameter and 0.515 in max dia. Tunnel ctr from small end is 2.750 in. Tunnel ctr from inside face is 0.562 in bored thru. Chamfer inside face to outside face 0.250 in by 45 degrees for full ht of 1.500 in. At tunnel end. Outsideshape rounded to 0.560 in rad from tunnel diameter ctr

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