Bryant Electric

Bryant Electric 3521 Electrical Plug Connector 20A 120/2008V NSN:5935-01-087-0186

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Electrical Plug Connector

NSN: 5935-01-087-0186 | Model: 3521
ITAR Registered seal

An electrical fitting with electrical contacts, constructed to be affixed to the end of a cable, conduit, coaxial line, cord or wiring for convenience in joining with other electrical connecto (s) or printed wiring board and is not designed to be mounted on a bulkhead, chasses, panel, printed wiring board, or the like. Excludes jack, telephone; jack, tip; plug, telephone; plug tip; insert, electrical connector; connector body (as modified); and socket, plug-in, electronic components. see also lead assembly, electrical; wiring harness (as modified); and cable assembly (as modified) . for items without inserts, see shell, electrical connector.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Body Style
Straight shape w/clamp
Overall Diameter
2.170 inches
Cable Entrance Diameter
Between 0.437 inches and 0.750 inches
Mating End Quantity
Contact Removability
Nonremovable single mating end all contact groupings
Connector Cable Strain Relief Method
Cable clamp
Terminal Location
Back single mating end all contact groupings
Insert Material
Plastic polyamide single mating end
Terminal Type
Crimp single mating end all contact groupings
Included Contact Quantity
4 single mating end all contact groupings

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