Battery Charger NSN:6130-01-443-0970 P/N:1998377-1

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Battery Charger- A device consisting of one or more components utilizing an alternating or direct current source to reactivate batteries in which reversible chemical reactions occur. use only for devices containing resistors, metallic, or electronic type rectifiers or vibrators and which are specifically designed for the purpose of charging batteries. may include filters, meters, load contactor and alarm circuits. includes battery charging switchboards which are supplied with integral or external means of rectification.

Ac Voltage Rating: 100.0 volts minimum and 250.0 volts maximum
Battery Type For Which Designed: Lead-acid and nickel-cadmium
Frequency Rating: 47.0 hertz minimum and 420.0 hertz maximum
Overall Diameter: 10.500 inches nominal
Overall Height: 7.000 inches nominal
Inclosure Material: Plastic
Inclosure Type: Case
Overall Width: 13.250 inches nominal
Phase: Single


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