Audio Frequency Transformer NSN: 5950-00-902-0261 P/N: M5153

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Audio Frequency Transformer- A transformer which is designed so that part or all of its range of operating frequencies is 20 kilohertz (kilocycles) and below. the maximum value may extend into the radio frequency range. it is generally used in the input, output, amplifier, or oscillator stages of audio and sonar devices

Body Height: 0.531 inches nominal
Body Length: 0.875 inches nominal
Body Width: 0.781 inches nominal
Frequency Rating: 200.0 hertz minimum single component and 15.0 kilohertz maximum single component
Maximum Operating Temp: 105.0 deg celsius
Maximum Transformer Power Rating: 100.0 milliwatts single component
Mounting Method: Terminal single group
Impedance Rating In Ohms: 1200.0 nominal single component single secondary
Impedance Rating In Ohms: 25000.0 nominal single component single primary
Inclosure Type: Fully inclosed
Reliability Indicator: Not established
Winding Function And Quantity: 1 primary single component and 1 secondary single component
Winding Operating Current: 2.0 milliamperes dc maximum single component single primary
Winding Operating Current: 5.0 milliamperes dc maximum single component single secondary
Terminal Type And Quantity: 6 wire lead

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