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Eastern Air Devices Gear Motor 400 HZ, Ratio 90T01 P/N:GT25AHX-5 NSN:6105-00-274-5059

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Control Motor

NSN: 6105-00-274-5059  Model: 5760-3002  P/N:GT25AHX-5 
ITAR Registered seal

A motor which is designed to be operated from two independent voltage sources, in such a way that variations in one voltage source will determine the direction and speed of the motor. In the alternating current type the voltages are usually applied to a split-phase stator, whereas in the direct current type, one voltage is applied to the stat or and the other to the armature. Low inertia and rapid reversibility are inherent characteristics of this type of motor. See also servomotor, automatic pilot.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Height
2.250 inches
Overall Length
3.500 inches
Overall Width
2.250 inches
Flatted Portion Length
0.6250 inches single end
Current Type
Ac input
Flat Depth
0.0200 inches single end
Inclosure Feature
Totally enclosed
Mounting Method
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity
4 threaded stud
Cooling Method
Control Field Impedance Rating In Ohms
Control Field Winding Type
Single winding
Torque Rating And Type
70.0 inch-ounces stalled
Inclosure Specificationification
Control Field Voltage Type And Rating In Volts
22.0 ac
Features Provided
Vertical mounting position and electric noise suppressor and horizontal mounting position
Length Of Shaft From Housing
0.750 inches single end
Rotor Speed Rating In Rpm
110.0 single no load
Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Width
1.906 inches
Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Facilities Parallel To Height
1.906 inches
Connection Type And Voltage Rating In Volts
115.0 line to neutral single input
Shaft End Characteristic
A5 single style single end
Two input
Frequency In Hertz
400.0 input
Terminal Type And Quantity
4 wire lead

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