Ford Motor Craft GL 287 RM Alternator NSN: 6115-01-260-2503

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Alternating Current Generator

NSN: 6115-01-260-2503 | Model: GL 287 RM
ITAR Registered seal

A generator having a characteristic of current and voltage that is continually reversing in direction of flow at regular intervals. Does not include rotary inverters, motor-generators, generator sets, synchros, and frequency or phase changers. Excludes generator, tachometer.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Specific Use
1984 ford com pt van W/351 engine, model E350, fscm 01637
Power Rating
840.000 watts output
Current Rating In Amps
70.000 single input
Connection Type And Voltage Rating In Volts
12.0 line to neutral single input

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