(3) Flanders Pre Pleat 40 LPD - 24'' x 24'' x 4'' High Capacity Pleated Filters Model: 80255.042424 NSN: 4130-01-329-5055

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Air Conditioning Filter Element

NSN: 4130-01-329-5055 | Model: EP40-HC-24244  Model: 80255.042424 
ITAR Registered seal

A replaceable device designed to remove dust, pollen or other foreign matter from the air passing through it. The removal of particles is accomplished by porous fibrous or shredded material (metallic or nonmetallic) which is loosely woven or matted and confined in a frame or retained between perforated sheets of firmer material. It is designed to fit into air conditioners, ventilation systems, hot air furnaces, and electrical and electronic cabinets or housings. It may have facilities for radio frequency/electromagnetic interference shielding. The filter may be cleaned by the use of compressed air, blown through the filter element, or by using water and a suitable detergent for cleaning purposes which would extend the life of the filter.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Overall Width
24.000 inches
Body Thickness
4.000 inches
Design Type
24.000 inches
Style Designator
Rectangular (incl square)
General Information
Furnace Filter

Product Line
Pre Pleat 40 LPD

Synthetic Media

Box Quantity


Filter Efficiency

Nominal Height
24 Inches

Nominal Width
24 Inches

Nominal Depth
4 Inches

Product Weight
13.5 Pounds

Actual Height
23 3/8 Inches

Actual Width
23 3/8 Inches

Actual Depth
3 3/4 Inches

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