Mtu America 5117058 Access Cover NSN:5340-00-833-0819

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Access Cover

NSN: 5340-00-833-0819 | Model: 5117058
ITAR Registered seal

A rigid or flexible item of various shapes attached to a structure for the purpose of providing access for inspection, service, replacement of components and/or adjustments or mounting operations. It is designed to be attached by means of bolt holes, slots, mounting ears, tabs, and the like. To permit access, the mounted cover requires partial or complete removal. It may include an observation window. For items permanently attached by hinges and the like, see door, access (as modified). Excludes all covers not specifically designed to provide access for the purposes listed above.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Cross Sectional Shape
Circular recess
Inside Diameter
4.500 inches
Hole Diameter
0.406 inches
Bolt Circle Diameter
5.750 inches
Edge Shape
Round, multiears and holes
Body Radius
2.766 inches
Inverted Radius
3.000 inches
Ear Radius
0.440 inches
Ear Quantity
Bolt Circle Hole Quantity
First Recess Inside Height
0.625 inches
Inside Corner Radius
0.125 inches
Body Thickness
0.135 inches
Securing Device Type
Threaded fastener
Mounting Opening Shape Style
Unthreaded hole
End Application
Diesel engine, general motors corp, series 71

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