U S Army Tank Automotive Command

U S Army Automotive Command 12336824 3/4" Fine Thread Clevis Rod End NSN:5340-01-201-4800

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Rod End Clevis

NSN:5340-01-201-4800  Model:12336824
ITAR Registered seal

A forked part, having transverse hol (s) or slot(s) in each arm (prong) to accommodate a bolt, pin, or the like, and having a connection facility opposite the fork. It is designed to be attached to a shaft, rod, turnbuckle or the like by welding, threading, and/or pinning. may include provisions for locking. see also yoke, universal joint and connector, rod end. For items specifically designed for aviation, see clevis, rod end, aviation.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Shank Length
1.170 inches
Shank Diameter
0.500 inches
Overall Height
3.000 inches
Overall Width
0.980 inches
End Radius
Between 0.600 inches and 0.640 inches
Fork Span Width
Between 0.501 inches and 0.505 inches
Distance From Pivot Pinhole Center To Rod Connection End
Between 2.090 inches and 2.120 inches
Fork Arm Thickness
Between 0.233 inches and 0.243 inches
Fork Depth
Between 0.853 inches and 0.857 inches
Style Designator

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