A.O Smith 4MA18 AC Motor (1/4HP,115V,3450RPM,1PH) NSN:6105-00-263-0119 Stock:316P933 P/N:6K315

A.O Smith

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Alternating Current Motor

NSN:6105-00-263-0119  Cat:4MA18  Model:6K315 Stock:316P933 
ITAR Registered seal

A motor which is designed for operation from an alternating current source. See also motor, control.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Shaft Rotation Direction
Clockwise single end or counterclockwise single end
Duty Cycle
Inclosure Feature
Totally enclosed
Winding Type
Induction-split phase
Mounting Method
Current Rating Method
Inclosure Specificationification
Features Provided
Thermal protective device
Frame Size Designation
Power Rating
0.250 horsepower output
Tempurature Rating
40.0 ambient degrees celsius
Rotor Speed Rating In Rpm
3450.0 single full load
Current Rating In Amps
3.500 single input
Connection Type And Voltage Rating In Volts
115.0 line to neutral single input
Three input
Frequency In Hertz
60.0 input

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