National Aerospace Standards

(100) National Aerospace Standards MS35190-308 Machine Screw NSN:5305-00-959-2722

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Machine Screw

NSN: 5305-00-959-2722 | Model: MS35190-308
ITAR Registered seal


NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Yes - ITAR Controlled
Thread Class
Thread Direction
Thread Length
Between 1.389 inches and 1.500 inches
Fastener Length
1.500 inches
Head Style
Flat countersunk
Head Diameter
Between 0.568 inches and 0.635 inches
Internal Drive Style
Cross recess type 1
Thread Diameter
0.312 inches
Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi)
Min. Tensile Strength (psi)
55000 pounds per square inch
Countersink Angle
Between 80.0 degrees and 82.0 degrees
Screw Material
Steel comp 1010 or steel comp 1011 or steel comp 1013
Screw Material Specification
66 federal standard all material responses
Screw Surface Treatment
Cadmium and chromate
Screw Surface Treatment Specification
Qq-p-416 type 2 cl 3 federal specification all treatment responses
Thread Series Designator

An externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one diameter, no 0 (0.060 in./1.5 mm) or larger, designed to be held or driven with either a wrench or an inserted driver or both (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), in sizes below no. 10 (0.190 in./5 mm). No. 10 and larger sizes must have a head designed for any type inserted driver (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), but may also be designed for external wrenching. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. Excludes bolt, clevis; bolt, externally relieved body; screw, externally relieved body; and screw, assembled washer. See also, screw, instrument; bolt, machine; bolt, internal wrenching; and screw, cap socket head.

  • 5305-00-959-2722 replaces 5305-00-011-3918
  • 5305-00-959-2722 replaces 5305-00-168-3084
  • 5305-00-959-2722 replaces 5305-00-420-7486
Schedule B & Trade:
  • Schedule B: 7318152000 (NAICS 332722)

    Bolts and bolts and their nuts or washers exported in the same shipment

  • SITC: 69421

    Screws, bolts, nuts, screw hooks, rivets, washers and similar articles, threaded, of iron or steel

  • End Use: 12110

    Iron and steel products, other

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