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500FT Teldor Cables M81381/11-22-9 Electrical Wire 22AWG NSN:6145-01-282-6180

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Electrical Wire

NSN:6145-01-282-6180  Model:M81381/11-22-9
ITAR Registered seal

A single metallic conductor of solid, stranded, or tinsel construction, designed to carry current in an electrical circuit. It may be a bare or insulated, may have metalic covering sheath, shield or and additional jacket. Refers to bulk quantities only. For items that are solid or stranded, insulated or uninsulated, and have the chemical composition specified but no conductivity (electrical properties) see wire, (as modified), includes litz wire and insulated/uninsulated armored, and ground wire. Excludes braid, wire; fuse wire; resistance wire and magnet wire.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Cross Sectional Shape
Tempurature Rating
200.0 degrees celsius
Cross Section Outside Diameter
0.047 inches
Strand Quantity Per Conductor
19 single conductor
Conductor Form
Stranded single conductor
Round Conductor Size
22 awg single conductor
Strand Awg Size Per Conductor
34 single conductor
Voltage Rating
600.0 root mean square (rms) operating voltage single conductor
White 1st position cover single conductor
Copper core conductor single conductor
Material Specification
Astm b298 assn standard single material response core conductor single conductor
Precious Material And Location
Surface single conductor silver
Precious Material
Surface Treatment
Silver core conductor single conductor
Surface Treatment Specification
Astm b298 assn standard single treatment response core conductor single conductor

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