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308-175 Flow Control Thermostat NSN:6685-01-008-1893

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Flow Control Thermostat

NSN:6685-01-008-1893  Model:111-8010  P/N:308-175
ITAR Registered seal

An automatic regulating device which controls the flow of fluids or gases by actuating a valve or shutter for heating or cooling purposes. May be adjustable, or set to operate at a definite pressure. Excludes control, humidity; control, temperature indicating; and switch, thermostatic.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
End Application
Loader, scoop type; tractor, fl trkd low spd dsl lgt dbp sectnized air tranpthl; tractor, full trckd low spd: dsl med dbp w/bul doz; tractor, medium, full tracked; grader, road
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency
Thermostat flow control loader scoop type tractor fl trkd

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